“The course is about improving balloon art skills, creating flower stand displays, and making Ninja Turtle sculptures using balloons. It is taught by Anatoly Shevchenko from Russia at the Balloon Art School.”

Are you also interested in learning the art of balloon twisting? With the 4-model flat flower and ninja turtle balloon-making course, you will not only become familiar with the art of shaping balloons into Mary shapes but also learn new techniques for making flat flowers and ninja turtle balloons. The instructor of the course, Mr. Anatoly Shevchenko, is from Russia and the course is held live on Instagram for 4 to 5 hours. Simultaneous translation is provided by coach Mrs. Poneh Jafari Sarvi from Russian to Persian. This course is suitable for those who are already familiar with the art of balloon twisting and shaping balloons into Mary shapes and can improve their technique while making new friends by attending this course. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Upon passing the online exam, this course includes a certificate signed by Professor Shevchenko. For more information, please message us on WhatsApp at +989359384489.

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